Increase Leads WITHOUT More Traffic!

Great Hacks to Increase Leads

Want to increase leads for your online business, but don’t want to go the traditional advertising route? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look at a few simple small business “hacks” to create more revenue from your current website!

Analyze your Google Analytics data

When you know what traffic sources aren’t producing conversions and what your traffic is doing prior to converting it allows you to make significant changes. Imagine if you were able to identify that the majority of your social media traffic didn’t convert? You could then allocate your social media budget into the channels that were producing results.

What if you were able to identify that the majority of your conversions were engaging with your blog prior to converting? You could increase your content count and utilize distribution outlets such as Outbrain and Taboola to attract even more traffic to your blog.

When you fully understand your Google Analytics data it will help you eliminate poorly performing traffic sources and scale up the marketing efforts that are driving the highest percentage of conversions.

Use an exit popup offer

Driving traffic to your website isn’t cheap. Even if you aren’t running pay-per-click traffic and paying for every visitor individually, the time and effort that SEO and social media marketing requires essentially assigns a monetary value to every single person that lands on your website.

Most visitors that leave will never return, so why not use every available option to try to convert them? Popup exit offers do a great job at increasing conversion rates. Even the slightest conversion increases should be welcomed. Over time this exit capture can really improve your overall return on investment.

Include testimonials and trust signals

If your website visitors trust your business, they are going to be more likely to make purchases and submit their information. Including testimonials from customers or notable industry partners is a great way to build trust. Showcasing awards, recognition or accreditations such as the Better Business Bureau will also help to make your visitors feel comfortable doing business with you.

Whatever you do, don’t include fake testimonials. They can be spotted a mile away and will immediately make your potential customer distrust your brand.
– via Entrepreneur

Two More Ideas to Help You Increase Leads on Your Website

If you want more leads and more sales, it’s worth asking yourself: What does a customer experience when they arrive on your site? You’ve got to give them a reason to stick around! Here are just a few ways to convert your organic web traffic into quality leads – and over time, into lifelong fans! Learn to increase leads to your offer now.

Split test your value proposition

It isn’t surprising that many online marketers prefer to rely on their own intuition when designing their value proposition. But this approach is embedded with assumptions.

Testing different approaches, rather than relying on your instincts, can help you find the best way to connect with your customers. It is central to the success of your value proposition over time. In your endeavor to increase conversions, consider using A/B testing and add relevant elements that can improve your value proposition.

A few months ago, I tested the value proposition of my tool SE ranking using an A/B split test. I created several variations of the value proposition to find out which variants would increase sales and leads. To do this I used a tool called ‘User Testing’ that helped me ask questions and get feedback from my target audience.

This testing process and the changes I made as a result improved my unique value proposition and increased sales by 13%.

Use the language of your customers

Using jargon filled language and terminology is counterintuitive to a high-converting value proposition. To engage your customers, you should speak to them in language they understand.

Often the language you use to offer your services is different from the customer’s language. To understand how they think about your services, you could interview them, conduct surveys, gather customer feedback and use social media to discover how they talk about the problem you are solving.

Improve your value proposition with boosters

You probably have a few persuasive elements or ‘boosters’ for your value proposition that you haven’t thought of. Using these elements can work well to increase conversion rates. Some examples include;

Testimonials and reviews from customers – or other types of social proof. This makes people believe your offer is trustworthy.

Money-back guarantee. Instead of posting “Satisfaction Guaranteed” or “Money Back Guarantee”, try to make something creative and eye-catching like “Love it or give your money back within 30 days”. People like to feel some certainty about what they are about to purchase.

Bonus offers – Things like free shipping, free delivery, next day delivery, no questions asked returns, no setup fee, free updates etc.

Think about what ‘boosters’ you have at your disposal and how they can positively affect the conversion rate of your value proposition.
– via Jeffbullas’s Blog

How well does your website convert traffic into leads? Is there more you could do to keep new visitors on your page for longer?

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