How to Keep Your Blog in Profit Long Term

Want your blog to stand the test of time? We all do! The reality is, not every blog is going to make it past their one year, two year, or five year “bloggiversaries.” The ones that make it are tuned in to certain important truths that never change, and that hold the key to long term marketing success.

The Fundamentals Never Changewoman-working-on-laptop-and-ipad-1.jpg

Here’s the most important point: We are all using the SAME FUNDAMENTALS.

Business is business, marketing is marketing and the reasons why people buy things never change.

It all comes down to what drives a human being to make choices, and that has not changed and likely never will unless we evolve into something markedly different to what we are now. Money, status, sex, power, health, security, pain avoidance, the pursuit of pleasure – these are things that motivate us.

Over the years I’ve studied business through a university degree, books, courses and read countless blog posts, websites, listened to podcasts and watched films and videos.

Everything comes back to learning about people, figuring out what makes them tick and then using your understanding of their psychology to present your offer as the best tailored solution for them.

Trends Never Last

Trends of course do not last, but you can do very well if you ride one as it peaks.

Trends I have seen rise and fade and sometimes rise and fade again include video marketing (YouTube), e-commerce, social media (and there have been trends within social media, from Friendster, to Myspace, to Facebook, etc), affiliate marketing, CPA advertising, tag and ping, social bookmarking (Digg) and so on.

The one constant with trends is they do not last. They are always based on a new technique or technology and follow an interest cycle. Since human beings by their nature move on to something different, new and perceived as better (and usually ACTUALLY better), if you are attached to any one trend, you are doomed if you don’t adjust and keep up with the times.

If you have your fundamentals sorted, you can take what you know and apply it to each trend, ideally just before it peaks, so you can ride the wave all the way.

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If you want a blog that makes money consistently, you’ve got to have the basics covered. Knowing your niche, understanding your audience and marketing to their needs are all a part of the big picture that can make you an internet success.

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Google AdSense

Google Adsense is the bread and butter of most bloggers. It’s the plug-n-play advertising program you can easily run on your new blog without much effort. Though it’s the preferred choice of blog monetization, please keep in mind that without traffic which is usually low in when your blog is new, your earnings from Adsense could be pretty minimal. Its earnings is pretty much relied upon the kind of traffic you can drive to your site.

Affiliate Sales

With that being said above, the next best option is learn and explore the art of affiliate marketing. In simple term, affiliate marketing is about promoting someone’s else products where you’ll be paid for every referral sale. Depending on the products, you are referring, the referral commission can be as high as a few hundred dollars.

If you are looking for products and eBooks to sell on commission I would recommended Clickbank and Amazon Associates Program.

Sponsored Reviews

If writing is in your blood and copywriting is your forte, doing a review for someone else’s product or services can be one lucrative source of income. All you need to do is to write an honest review and offer constructive criticism and you’ll get paid for it.

Freelance Services

Now those of you who have the skills for say, design, coding or  copywriting for that matter, I’d recommend to learn how to leverage your blog to showcase your portfolios. I’ve seen how others are successful using their blog to sell their service and earn a decent income out of it. One notable example of this Jacob Class .

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