Is Your Blog Fun to Read?

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you might have come across a day (or two…or twenty…) when the words didn’t flow quite as easily as usual. So how can you keep your blog ideas and posts fresh and interesting for your readers? Here’s a little insight to help.

Ideas To Keep Your Blog Interesting

Institute some themes.

Posting about the same theme on a regular basis might seem counterintuitive to keeping content “fresh,” but it keeps you posting and keeps you thinking about new ways to approach the topic. Check out my list of ideas.

Invite someone to guest post.

You may be all out of ideas, but maybe some of your blogging buddies aren’t! Ask them to guest post on your blog. Not only does it give you a break, but it might bring both of you some new readers.

Know your readers and ask them questions.

When you are really stumped, why not utilize social media and ask your readers what THEY want to read? They might have some questions or topics in mind that you never thought of.

Find your voice.

This seems to be the greatest commandment of blogging, but it can be hard to do. It’s important, though, because it allows you to take a topic that has been done to death and do it again – in YOUR voice. Can you say it differently with humor or by adding your own experiences? It may be a topic that has been written about a million times (i.e. potty training), but if you haven’t written about it yet, think about how you can make it new by inserting your own point of view and your own style.

– via The SITS Girls

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Looking for ways to inject a little fun into your blog? When inspiration dries up (or even if it hasn’t!), check out these ways to make your posts fun and engaging to read.

Ways To Make Your Blog More Fun

Find funny inspiration from an outsider.

Frankly, my dad has provided me with some of the best posts on my personal blog as far as humor is concerned. He’s a funny guy without trying to be, which makes it even more laughable. He says hilarious things in otherwise benign situations, with completely deadpan delivery. Now, you’re not going to write about your dad on your marketing blog, but you might find a humorous comment or take on life that you can tuck into your work from the people and experiences in your life. This leads to the next point…

Give out portable quick tips.

A blog post that has 2,000 words can be a lot to process. Giving your reader quick tips or bite-sized summaries throughout your post makes it easier to digest. It’s a little bit like mental white space: you sometimes need a breather from the concentration required to process a larger, complicated concept. This also rewards the readers who rely on scanning, particularly if you visually set apart the quick tips.

Make inanimate objects or concepts animate.

In our opening line example, I pretended that the subverted dream was a monstrous thing that would have to be confronted some day. If you think (and write) about an inanimate object as if it were an actual being, you’ll find your writing gears shift much more easily into story-telling mode. It’s more interesting to read about the dream that wouldn’t die as a huge hulking beast rather than a vague concept that someone had held onto that required three action bullet points to achieve. It is also a great way to think differently about a topic and approach it with new ideology.

– via CoSchedule

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