Make Your Blog Stand Out From The Rest With Unique Content

Make Your Blog Reflect Your Passions

This is business not play! Why all the talk about passion! We’ll get better results if we are just about the facts!

This may have once been true but no longer. Today people have so many choices of where to find information and what to read that study after study has found the blog owner, website owner, online business person in any form has just a few seconds to capture their audience’s attention and once they have it, their content has to do the job of keeping that attention.

Most successful content marketers will tell you that defining YOUR voice on your blog and on social media by what you write or curate or mention and share in any way is the best way you can cultivate an audience of true fans who will read your posts, open your emails, and buy from you. Let’s look at one way to make your blog reflect your passions and so attract those true fans!

Think about your passions

In the content marketing world, the cries of, “It’s all about your audience” can be deafening. For the most part, this does make a lot of sense, as your prospects certainly aren’t going to stick with you if your content pontificates on your features and benefits. But you need to make sure you don’t get completely lost in the mix, either.

Take the following tweet from Katrina Douglas:

@CMIContent A1: I prioritise based on what I’m most passionate about and also most relevant to my audience  CMWorld @KDADouglas

This was an aha moment for me, and an understated reminder to think about the intersection of our personal interests and our audience when creating content.

I think about this concept a lot in relation to parenting: Even though I need to be focused on my kids’ needs, our family is happier when our worlds don’t solely revolve around them. My husband and I make sure we cultivate a few of our own interests — some of which our kids have learned to enjoy, as well. It’s finding these overlapping interests that have made us a happier family.

As I’ve been mulling this idea, I came upon a recent post from Jay Acunzo: Why “Write For Your Audience” Has Become Dangerous Advice. In this, he makes the case that if you only think about your audience, you’ll likely start to sound exactly like all your competitors.

While your audience should certainly be front and center, there is a lot to be said for keeping some focus on your passions, as well. We can all discern which authors are truly interested in what they are writing about and which ones are just creating content to “check a box” in their marketing strategy (I don’t even need to ask which type we are all more likely to be drawn to.)
– via Content Marketing Institute

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Ideas for Unique Content Are All Around You

Posting to your blog or social media on a regular basis can be great and very profitable. If you don’t have a strategy though it can also become a chore and then your content will reflect your lack of interest and won’t interest your reader either.

Here are some great ideas for unique content that will be attractive to readers across every niche. Enjoy and happy posting!

Invest in quality over quantity: Focus on creating fewer, but higher-quality pieces. If you’re currently writing three to five short posts on your blog, consider switching to one to two long form, more “meaty” posts.

Define your ideal persona: If you haven’t already done so, figure out exactly who you’re writing your content for.

Find new sources for high-quality images for your blog (hint: using cheesy stock photos can make your blog look cheap).

Compile a comprehensive list of industry statistics and research. These types of posts are great for getting inbound links.

Contact leaders in your field and have them answer a question: Take all the answers and turn them into one awesome blog post.

Do a poll or survey of your audience and publish a post with your findings.

Ask your readers, subscribers and social media followers to submit videos, ideas, or images: Choose the best ones and create blog content around them.

Join three private Facebook groups in your niche to see what topics your audience is really interested in.

Plan to incorporate content curation into your marketing mix. For best results in terms of SEO, be sure to add your own ideas and thoughts to the content you’re curating. – via Forbes

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